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It all started as ninth grader. Before that I was almost naive about math. In school, teachers usually distribute the quarterly exam score in class room itself. At grade nine, math teacher said something about the poor marks in one of the subject on one of such quarterly exam in class room, that pinched me so hard, i cried when I came back to home and said to myself ‘I will master this subject’. From that day on, I had this obsession about high school ‘math’, I was unaware of the vastness of subject beyond the high school math. In high school I scored very good marks. In college, though I was fascinated by the subject and had made up my mind, I was average on math and so were the scores.

Then I enter University to pursue MSc in math. There were so many exiting subjects and ‘real’ mathematics books.

There were many problems understanding those subjects. First one was books were in English. I was very poor in this subject from beginning and never improve beyond the average English till present day. The fact is I never realized the important of language skill in any language including my mother tongue Newari.

The level of understanding of the subject itself was not in par as far as my previous knowledge of the subject. The discrepancy between graduate and the masters level was very obvious.

The last one is the most serious one as far as I am concerned. Though books were of North American standard, the level of understanding of subject on both students and lecturers did not help at all. It took me several years to complete the masters degree, thanks to the relaxed policy of Tribhuvan University.

After university, I realized that the main cause is lack of Gurus who has studied the core mathematics from North American and European universities and lack of Gurus who has studied this subject under the author of those book itself. Second realization is that, if I had followed the historic path to development of the subject (Analysis, Topology, Differential Geometry etc ), I would have done somewhat above average.

The fascination is still there but the lack of understating subject matter at its core still hunt me down very bad. With this blog I am trying to trace back to the history and development this fascinating subject.


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